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The vision is to reduce unemployment and drive economic growth in Pakistan, by increasing inflow of foreign currency

About Program

In the backdrop of soaring un-employment and financial challenges it has become a paramount duty of the government to steer the educated youth of the province in the right direction. Hence, Chief Minister Punjab has decided to establish e-Rozgaar centers in 36 districts of Punjab to provide training to budding freelancers and enhance their professional capabilities. Through this initiative Government of Punjab will assist the youth in earning sustainable income. One of the major objectives of this project is to provide training opportunities to youth for self-employment using internet based freelancing. This wise movement by the Chief Minister will expedite the freelancing skills of around 10,000 people in a year which will eventually help them to earn an honorable living. This program is not just a training program but a revolution that will help generate employment and prepare Pakistan to run in the race of future of work around the world.


Major objectives of this initiative are as follows:

  • To help youth of Pakistan become self employed and self sustainable by training them in earning income through internet.
  • To increase exposure of youth by training them in freelancing online through freelancing they get to attract with foreign ethnicities and contribute positively to Pakistan by bringing in foreign currency.
  • To help young mind become financially independent by exposing them to online opportunities leading to upward economic and social mobility.
  • To give hope to fresh graduates by improving their critical soft skills and ensuring a healthy career growth.
  • Alleviate the status of women by facilitating them to earn a virtuous living while working from home