My E-Rozgaar Experience

Tayyaba Alvi

Having completed 16 year of education but not enough opportunities to earn was sure a depression point until I joined E-Rozgar.When I joined E-Rozgar my focus was on just learning a new skill. Freelancing seemed part of a big talk for me.

My name is Tayyaba Alvi, student of creative domain GCWUF erozgaar center.

Now after 2 months of my training I see E-Rozgar as a great life changing opportunity. I started earning on fiverr and I’m sure this will lead me to a point where I can be totally financially independent and make a career out of it. This is the confidence Erozgaar has given, and I believe it’s the desired confidence I wish every girl from Faisalabad especially rural areas around Faisalabad has when she walk out to seek any earning opportunity.

Because I know, most girls are forced to stay at home because of family norms, and most of the time not having a good opportunity to work. But now because of E-Rozgaar girls like me can earn a lot with stepping out of protective walls of their homes.  

There are few things I learned from this program which I would like to share with as many girls as possible.

More Opportunities for the girls:

Learning Freelancing with Erozgaar provides more opportunities to use your skills. The trainers here let us explore more professional clients and companies that acquire our off site services, which means you can work from home and at your own convenient time. This facilitates a bigger group of married girls who cannot do a full time job because of their family and infants.

Competition can be won with ease:

Freelancing now a days is more competitive than before. Competition doesn’t make any career impossible though. Competition is good in every growing industry as it’ll push us to work better.

This is what I have been taught effectively at E-Rozgaar and now I know how to win the global market and earn my dream money.

Work hard with consistency

One important thing which I think I lacked before is hardwork and consistency. I tried doing freelancing before but I gave up (a true story of many). At this platform, I am taught effectively how to handle international client while keeping the patience game up, and stay consistent to make them trusted clients.

Now I understand even in freelancing Money does not come easy you have to put enough effort and keep waiting, but with right guideline you can earn your dream amount as compare to conventional job.  Keep trying and be consistent with your effort you will sure get the attention one day.

Use your skills

Freelancing is a platform where your skills are not specified. You are not supposed to work in one area when you have potential for other. You can use whatever skills you have and earn with it. Another plus point of such an amazing program called E-Rozgaar.

Build your profile

To earn well on this highly competitive platform. You have to stand out from the crowd build your profiles on freelancing site, make your portfolio online, be socially active and try promoting your work. But how to build a great profile was a big hurdle for me. But now because of well trained and qualified trainers I know well how to create a selling profile on Fiverr, Freelancer, LinkedIn, People Per Hour, Upwork, infect on any other available platform.

So, everyone especially girls reading it make sure you enroll in E-Rozgaar, and start learning and earning your dream salary.